Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thoughts for early today

Sure, I like the outdoors. I'm happiest sitting on a porch and looking at it -- with a Perfect Rob Roy in one hand and some nachos in the other.
Hillary lost my vote last night when she waffled and kissed-ass with the "let's give driver licenses to illegal aliens" folks. Hillary -- what part of illegal don't you understand??

Here's the thing -- the illegals who come here to work are not the enemy; the enemy is every greedy American employer who hires them and pays them peanuts, instead of hiring young men and women who are American citizens. We -- who hire contractors and lawn services and other businesses -- ought to refuse to contract with them.

There are many healthy, strong young people who do not have a way out of their hard lives who could get a chance by working for a living wage. Shame on American employers for overlooking them and for taking advantage of illegals. Shame on American homeowners and consumers for buying services and products that line the pockets of these cheap and greedy businesses.

I don't have enough interest in this to take the time and effort to only buy legally-harvested produce, but I sure can question potential home services.

Anyway, shame on you, Hillary -- what a disappointment you are! I didn't know, until last night that you're no different from every other pandering pol. Damn.

I am so naive.

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