Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My friend, Buddy, is moving into an assisted living center. We had talked about it, for about a year ... and agreed that he would have to do that, someday.

His house is at the bottom of a hill, and the steps are terrible in the winter. He knows he has to leave, must move to a safer place.

He said he can afford to do this, but he is angry that his many years of paying for extended care insurance do not apply to assisted living. He cautioned me to read the fine print.

Have you seen, "Sicko" -- the film?
No, I said
Well, you see it ... you see it. It's all true.

I have never given much thought to elder issues ... except to get my friends to promise that, when I am at Shady Acres, they will see to three things:
• pluck my chin hairs
• don't let them put me in a housedress
• keep my glasses frames updated

This is reason enough to always have a few friends who are younger ... and still have all their marbles.

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