Sunday, November 11, 2007


©2007 Celeste Billhartz

Each time I meet an adoptee or a mother, or hear/read their stories, I must remember that, regardless of our similarities and differences, we are all together on this Earth, twirling around the Sun, hoping tomorrow will be better.

I have chosen to befriend people from many walks of Life ... and they have chosen to befriend me. I must remember that we need not agree on everything, and that I must be careful not to allow the larger disagreements more space in my heart than is necessary to maintain my boundaries and be civil.

I would hope that kindness and honesty are values we all share -- I mean really share, not just talk about -- regardless of our experiences, views, biases and preferences.

Some have lived through unimaginable horror, betrayal and loss ... and have come through it all (I don't know how) with their humanity in place, their hands extended, their hearts open.

Other have not. They cannot; or will not.

They slip and slide on the slopes of half-truth and denial; or stand in holes they have dug for themselves ... screaming at the night sky.

I still like them, but I don't trust them, fully, with my heart or my candor ... or my playfulness, lest I get trampled by their insensitivity, fear or rage.

Of course, I forget -- their "stuff" isn't about me.

May we all know, despite our differences, we are loved, the world spins on ... and tomorrow is another day.


kizzy said...


love your blog, wise and kind, just like you.


Celeste said...

thanks, Kizzy ... love, CB