Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I had a terrible day, yesterday. Boiled down, I tried to get my new internet service provider to behave like The Vermont Country Store: A real person answers the phone, has a gracious way about her, takes my order, thanks me and we hang up.

Instead, I clicked on five telephone buttons to connect with 11 menu items and wound up talking to a kid who told me to remove a disc I know I didn't insert and to turn off my computer. Well, that solved the problem of the spinning circle and the endless download I was supposed to do, but it didn't answer my questions and I still had no idea how to eject a disc I never inserted. He also rattled off all the other services I might want to purchase.

I thought, "If it's this difficult to get my email from you people, why the hell would I want your phone service, too?"

I didn't say it, of course, although I did tell the next fellow that the kid told me to turn off my computer, which I did, and now I cannot get my computer to turn on. Well, it is on, but just the Apple logo and another spinning thing ... for about 10 minutes, now. Could he help me?

"And ... it's a Mac." Might as well get that out of the way, up front, as it seemed to annoy the kid.

This time I got an older fella. I like them. They talk slower and have less tendency to say, "Huh?" He told me none of the internet service providers know much about Macs and I shouldn't have installed what the kid told me to install, and the message I kept getting that the download would take 6 more hours wasn't true ... and that I didn't need to install the disc. "Don't know why he told you to do that."

"Just shoot me." I said.

Suddenly, magically, the computer screen filled with wallpaper, files and icons!

"It's .... back!!"

He walked me to the new "post office." I got my mail, thanked him and we hung up.

One of the emails is from the ISP, wanting to know how I like their service and would I like to add phones.

Just shoot me.

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