Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pond Scum

Pond Scum

©2008 Celeste Billhartz

 Well, I’m old and cranky so I reserve the right to say this: thieves are pond scum!!

 My friend’s purse was stolen. She had to call all the credit cards, Social Security, her bank, get a new driver license, buy a new cell phone. It has been a nightmare, as you might imagine. She’s not young, has medical problems, etc.

 The thief took her purse from her grocery cart, when she turned away to open the trunk of her car. She lives in a rural area and well, you could do that fifty years ago. Not today.

 No, today you risk losing a favorite purse, cell phone,  your cash, your vital papers and credit cards. Why? Because some low-life pond scum wanted to get easy money.

 I guess the thief pitched some of the contents along the road because a neighbor found  papers with Jo’s name on them and called her, right away. No purse, no cell phone, no cash, no Visa card.

Even if the thief/thieves don’t try to use her Visa card  -- that’s a felony, I guess  they figured that out -- they’ve ruined her sense of safety and peace. Nope, she doesn’t feel safe, anymore, not even in her local grocery store.

Oh, yeah, I forgot .... she’s also a veteran. Ssome thanks for her service ... :(