Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Adoption Show

This amazing, innovative internet radio program is as close as your computer -

Host, producer and creator, Michelle Edmunds and her techie genius, Thaddeus Pedro (producer and web designer) - along with their staff - bring the truth about adopting to the world. Yes, TAS is heard/seen on computers around the world!

I met Michelle in New York City in 2006 and, as adoptees, we share many heart-to-heart conversations. In fact, when I first talked with her, prior to my appearing on The Adoption Show in July 2006, I realized that our lengthy and open discussion was the first – the very first – totally honest and fulfilling conversation about adoption I had ever had in my entire life. I was 67 years old.

Michelle is a gifted and generous host who takes on the thorny issues in adoption and handles them – and the guests -- with fairness and grace.

The Adoption Show originates in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Subscribers can access current and past show. Get your subscription, today!

For $25.00 a year you can learn the truth about ending the myths, meet some awesome people who are the legends of the past, storytellers of the present and leaders of the future.

TAS is like a favorite "magazine" I can "read and hear" anytime ...:)

Activists, organizations and advocates for adoption reform please alert your members/readers to go to the TAS web site and subscribe TODAY!


Michelle said...

Thank you, Celeste!You are such a generous person....


Celeste said...

You're welcome, Michelle ... love your show! CB