Sunday, November 18, 2007

Credits for Prayer for Truth -- on YouTube

Click on the title, above, to see this powerful two-minute video! The credits are in the description, to the right of the YouTube screen. I include them here, too. Please share this video with your friends and organizations who may want to add it to their blogs and web sites.

I want to thank Chris Andrikanich, my Mac Guru and web guy for The Mothers Project web site The Mothers Project - Celeste Billhartz , for putting Prayer for Truth on YouTube!

Y'all have to know ... I am a 19th century women, flung into the 21st...:)

"Prayer for Truth"
from The Mothers Project

"Prayer for Truth" and "Celeste’s mother, Marcella"
©Celeste Billhartz •

"Little Joe"
©Joe Soll •

"Karen and Michelle Renee"
& "Karen’s senior photo"
©Karen Wilson Buterbaugh •

"Salvation Army officer consoling unmarried mother"
©Salvation Army Archives and Research Center •

Media production by Storytellers Media Group, LTD

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