Saturday, January 19, 2008

Their Crime

Their Crime

©2004 Celeste Billhartz

 Let's talk about sex ... I mean, that's really what their crime was ... sex before marriage. A baby is proof of it!

 Even sex during marriage is, well ... we don't even mention it, do we?

 My friend, Gladys, said she finally had to admit that her married daughter was having sex when she announced that she was pregnant.

 Now, we know Gladys had sex, at least three times. There's Lois, and Thurman, and Millicent. Still, she acts like she's never seen a penis, let alone welcomed it into her ... uh ... nether regions.

 Ladies, what is so difficult about accepting, as fact, that women actually enjoy sex? Take our mothers, for example. Even if they, apparently, didn't ever have good sex, they certainly had a hankering for it ... a few times in their life, I'm sure.

The good Lord made us fertile and excitable at age 12 or so. Some cultures just go with the flow. Ours decided we had better not loosen our juices... until we are married.

 That marriage certificate sure works wonders for a woman's natural ... excitability.

 I am all for marriage and privacy. I just wish we'd cut a little slack to the unmarried, to the in-love, and, especially, to the pregnant. Let's just stop punishing in public what we all do in private.

 As for Gladys? Well, she's lying down with a cold pack on her head. Seems she was snooping through Millicent's night stand ... and found "Mr. Pokey."


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