Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That's it now

That's it now

©2008 Celeste Billhartz

Well, that’s it now. I had my meltdown, I backed away from ever using electronics in my show again … and I reverted to schlepping many mounted posters -- size 2ft x 4ft --  instead of  a tiny flash drive that plugs into any computer. OK.  You win – all you 21st Century devotees. I give up. I yield. I surrender. 

Last night, I schlepped my 35 mounted posters to our local Panera Bread Company - meeting room … and presented The Mothers Project. It was billed as a “rehearsal” … just in case I screwed up the whole thing.

My trusty “roadie” did her best to get each poster up onto the easel and I did my best to tell the truth about adoption loss ... and not insult the social workers and adoptive mothers who might be present. We did a good job. Many  sincere and appreciative comments at the end.

Still, I confess that I really must change with the times. Not because electronics is better, but because I am too old and too cranky to deal with schlepping 35 mounted posters, an easel, a guitar, etc … anywhere, ever again.

You have to picture this: Ohio, winter, snow … and my having to cart two huge portfolio cases, a guitar case, a music stand and an easel from the restaurant, across a parking lot and into a very old Chevy Blazer. Like I said, I am old and I am cranky. And, when the whole load shifted off the little hand truck  -- as I pushed against a slight curb -- well, that did it. 

So, I give up. I surrender. I will put the images onto a flash drive and ask the venue to provide a computer, a projector and a screen. Just like a modern person. Sigh …J


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