Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank you, God

Thank you, God ...
©2007 Celeste Billhartz

The blessing of showers ... that's what I am thankful for. I thank God, each time I am blessed with a hot shower, my favorite soap, shampoo, conditioner, fluffy towels, warm bathroom, comb, a barrette for my hair.

I thank God for clean clothing -- my favorite t-shirts, jeans, and the sox I love to wear with my favorite shoes.

Each day I haul my old frame into the tub, turn on the water and feel so blessed to have a hot shower I say, "Thank you, God ... thank you."

And, each time, I wonder who is blessing homeless old women with hot showers and shampoo, with soft towels and clean clothes?

I envision portable showers and donated soaps and shampoos and towels and clothing. Surely, some group or other does that for the homeless. I hope so, because there is some measure of peace and healing .. a blessing ... in showers.

If I were homeless, that's what I would appreciate most, I think -- a safe place to go for a hot shower and some clean clothes. They wouldn't have to match or be the right size; just some clean clothes ... and maybe, a barrette for my hair.


Anonymous said...

HI there! I wanted to let you know Ive added you to my blog roll...am fairly new to the adoptee blogging thing (although I have been an adoptee all my life).

(*psst...Im a Republican too! And not decided on the position of adopting/not adopting. I think right now I just wish those who are adopting would REALLY look at what they are doing. I think the phrase "babies are not tabula rasa" pretty much sums it up. I just want them to know that the adoptee they bring into their families are not freaks.


Celeste said...

Hi Sharon ... my apology for not checking on posts ... and getting this up here before now!! Gads ... I am sorry.

Well, I confess I switched my party to vote for Hillary in the Ohio Primary. Now I am beside myself with confusion as to the vote coming up ...:)

Lordy, that's a whole post in itself! Thanks for your comment .... Best, Celeste