Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Post


I have a web site - The Mothers Project - Celeste Billhartz
but, I wanted a less formal way to communicate with you.

This blog is very personal. When I was born, my mother baptized me Ruth. Because she was single, Catholic and middle class, she was not allowed to keep me. Her mother and everyone around her, all those in authority, told her I was dying, and if she wanted me baptized, she must sign a form. What she signed was a release for adoption. She thought her baby died.

I was taken to an orphanage and re-named, Mary. Eventually, I was adopted and re-named, Celeste -- after my adoptive mother, Celestine.

This blog is the "relaxed me" as opposed to the more reserved, serious, public me in my web site. The real me shines forth, of course, when I speak or present The Mothers Project.

It's a beautiful day and I hope you are happy and healthy. I will write more at another time. CB

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